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download and full game 2025?

I have a big 2D sidecrolling platformer but I sometimes tinker around with a top down goo shooter... so maybe!

Man, I wish there was more to this! it's so cool!


Thanks for playing! Maybe someday I'll expand on this concept.

Very nice game, really enjoyed i

Thanks for playing!

Very nice game! Very nice gamefeel and polish

Thank you so much for playing!

an actual good splatoon fan game on itch io!?!?!? what!!?!

Haha thanks! I try!

np!! really fun game, will it ever be expanded?(like added onto, more gameplay)


probably not! but the slime effect i started building upon for another game I'm working on!


Hey thanks for playing!

Np :)

is there anywhere where i can download this music


yeah you can get the music from the person who made it—check out @Lumena_tan on twitter!




Based Marie

This is really cool, its smooth, has fairly good graphics, and the ink is really nice!


lore be like:
3: i cant go 
marie:well           i will do it my own


This was originally going to be about saving Callie but it was a game jam so I ran out of time!

can u make an pvp version of this game like callie vs marie ?

That's a cool idea but I made this years ago and lost the source file!

why are your games so amazing

That's high praise but I'll take it. Thank you!

why is this game so well done

Haha you know I ask myself that very question sometimes.

CAN you MaKe so you can die in purple ink

nah, purple ink only slows you down


i completed the game so many times

i love this game i cant stop playing :)


Hey thank you! Hopefully sometime this summer I can add Callie as a playable character and add some more levels and enemies.

that would be great :D

This is great! just hoping you make it so you can choose what weapon/bomb you want   overall 9/10

Great Game! Just make it faster to refill ink and make the levels use the Y axis more and it would be even better. Also what engine did you make this in? (I'm thinking about switching engine)

Thanks for playing! I used Construct 2.

are you adding Callie because every time i play there is opposite colors so the enemy is pink and in am purple

also i made this account to tell you about anything wrong!


I would like to add Callie--def someday. Thanks for playing!


i did a speedrun, i won in 47 seconds uwu


i created a whole account on this website just to say that this is actually cool, great job :)


Hey thank you!


This game is really good! I hope you make more stuff like this! :D


Thank you! Someday I will expand on this.


Cool game! There should be a GUI on constantly on screen where you can see your remaining ink! More weapons will also be cool!  


You know there really should be—I was trying to mimic Splatoon as much as possible and they don't show your remaining ink unless you are in squid mode. I plan on returning to this someday and adding more weapons—I will also add a note to change the HUD.

Thanks for playing!


You should make more weapons ! :3 just a suggestion--- :3 i love this game!


Thank you for playing! Glad you enjoyed it! I hope to return to this project again someday and expand on it—more weapons and enemies. Someday!

I love this game! we play as Marie, the helper of agent 4. and my idea was to save Agent 4 as Marie!

Hey thanks for playing! 


its actually pretty good, with some challenging elements and such, some problems is just that some green spots are so called "enemy" territory


Yeah—I wasn't able to properly map each ink pixel to friendly or enemy, so I had to use approximate invisible boxes which sometimes don't get canceled even if you turn the whole area green. If I ever expand this into something bigger I will figure out a way to be more precise! Thanks for playing!

You should make a Callie version too!


my plan was to have Marie save Callie in the game—but this was for a game jam and I ran out of time and so took the story part out. I might eventually just add a Callie in a character select—there's only like 6 total frames of animation for character so it wouldnt be hard to do.

Hey I have a glitch which make all ink appear pink to me , but great game

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You know I had that happen to me once and I thought I fixed it. If you know how it happens or can recreate it let me know because I'm stumped on how its happening. Thanks for your feedback! 

Well , the glitch happen everytime I play on firefox , I tested with Chromium and it worked up without any problem


Splatoon 2D with Marie. Better should be called Queen Marie.